How to use

Futura body treatments – Step by step

Step 1

Select the appropriate FUTURA program cassette and treatment you wish to have.
Choose from programs such as Slimming, Anti-Cellulite, Toning, etc.



Pelvic Floor
Post Natal


Step 2

Identify the body area you wish to stimulate
(such as Stomach & Waist, Bottom & Thighs, Bust & Arms, etc).

& Waist

& Thighs

Bust & Arms
Lift & Tone

Step 3

Identify the relevant pad layout for the body area you wish to stimulate and place
the self-adhesive pads according to the easy to follow pad layout diagrams.


Turn on the intensity dials one by one as indicated in the program guides. The contraction light will illuminate during the stimulation period and go out during the relaxation period. The FUTURA program selected will begin, starting with a warm-up phase.


Turn up the intensity dials according to a level where the stimulation feels comfortable and relaxing.


Once you have started the FUTURA program the unit will cycle through a sequential rotation of pulses, frequencies and stimulation patterns which represent the most appropriate Biostimulation for the chosen treatment.


Relax and enjoy.


All of the FUTURA programs will end with a warm-down sequence. The warmdown period encourages the body to relax leaving you refreshed, revitalised and re-energised at the end of the treatments.

How to use

Facial plus face treatments – Step by step

Step 1

Cleanse face.

Switch on the Ultratone Facial Plus and select the appropriate FACIAL PLUS program.
Choose from four programs; MICROCURRENT for moisture infusion and fine line reduction, NON-SURGICAL FACELIFT & TONE, LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE & TOXIN RELEASE detox program which reduces puffiness and purifies the skin, and ANTI-AGEING & MAINTENANCE

(The step by step for each program varies slightly, so please follow instructions in the User Guide).


Anti-ageing &

Step 2

Dip the silver contact points into provided Ultratone Hydratone Gel or your preferred moisturiser. Place the silver contacts of the Facial Plus on the facial areas as indicated on the relevant Face diagram.

Step 3

Turn up the intensity control until a gentle movement is seen and felt. And then stay on the contact area while the program cycles through the different settings.

Step 4

Once a cycle has been completed, a beep will sound. Coat the silver contacts with more gel, then move to the next area. A double beep will sound indicating that the cycle will start again. Stimulate each area at least once. You may stimulate a particular facial point up to 3 times.

Step 5

Once your facial treatment is completed, you should feel refreshed and rejuvenated.